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What a Busy Month!

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What a Busy Month!
(orig. publ. 5/16/2019) The month of May, 2019 has been crazy-busy for us. And unlike some, I do NOT thrive on crazy-busy. Quiet and chill is more my style. We've had one child graduate from college, one graduating from high school, my husband has a week-long business conference in between, and all this means that we will be having a small gathering (at best), overnight guests, and I need to do a deep clean of the house while working a FT job and trying to find my next rental property. Mom-ing is not for the faint of heart.
But I do find solace that, come June 1st, I will be starting a new normal (knock on wood) and will be focusing as much of my spare time on art as possible. Go back to that home page and subscribe to my VIP list so you can receive e-mail updates to let you know when new work is available. I hope you like what I make!
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What a Busy Month!