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A Whole Lotta Whimsy

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A Whole Lotta Whimsy
(orig. publ. 5/26/19) One of the things that I've really missed about making my handcrafted lampwork glass beads is the pure whimsy of it. It's no secret that I love brightly colored glass and pretty designs, so my "happy beads" are a pure delight to make. Memorial Day weekend is almost over, and as I sit here listening to a real estate podcast, I am simultaneously trying to plan the clean-up of my glass studio which has laid dormant for the past couple of years, collecting dust. My gas tank was long disconnected, and I'm not even sure if my hoses or propane regular work properly. Time to test those! I will be taking stock of my glass and shopping for any colors that I am low on. Fortunately, I bought about 2-3 pounds of my favorite soft glass - Evil Devitrifying Purple (Effetre -254; featured in the cover pic for this post).
Thank you for following me on this continuing journey of my art. I can't wait to start making and expressing all the happy things I'm imagining in my mind.
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